Below is a list of our current course offering. We are adding new courses every week.

  1. Admin, PA and Secretarial Certification
  2. Becoming an Executive PA Certification
  3. Dental Practice Administration Certification
  4. Executive Admin and PA Certification Level 3
  5. Executive Secretarial, Admin and PA Diploma – Accredited (Level 3)
  6. Legal Secretary Certification Level 3
  7. Medical Receptionist Administration Certification
  8. Medical Secretary Certification
  9. Minute Taking Certification
  10. Office and Reception Management Certification
  11. Organisational Skills for Administrators Certification
  12. PA Telephone Skills Certification
  13. Reception Skills Certification
  14. The Effective Secretary Certification
  15. Touch Typing and Shorthand Certification
Animal Care
  1. Veterinary Support Assistant Certification
  1. Affiliate Marketing Certification
  2. Agenda Setting Certification
  3. Business Letter Writing Certification
  4. Business Plan Writing Certification
  5. Business Report Writing Certification
  6. Call Centre Skills Certification
  7. Carbon Reduction Measures and Becoming Green Certification
  8. Communication Barriers in the Workplace Certification
  9. Communication Skills Certification
  10. Conducting Rewarding Meetings Certification
  11. Consequences of Careless Social Media Use in the Workplace Certification
  12. Corporate Sustainability Certification
  13. Costs, Volumes and Profits Certification
  14. Create an Online Business Certification
  15. Creating and Maintaining a Successful Organisation Certification
  16. Creating Lively and Effective Meetings Certification
  17. Data Analysis Certification
  18. Data Protection in the Workplace Certification
  19. Delegation of Authority Certification
  20. Delivering Useful Feedback in a Corporate Setting Certification
  21. Developing and Implementing New Admin Systems Certification
  22. Developing Employees Certification
  23. Disability Awareness Certification
  24. Document Presentation Certification
  25. Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Certification
  26. Email Etiquette Certification
  27. Email Management and Ethics Certification
  28. Employee Motivation Certification
  29. Environmental, Social and Governance Certification
  30. Extrinsic and Intrinsic Rewards Certification
  31. Facebook for Business Certification
  32. Fashion Design Diploma
  33. Foundation in Business Skills Certification
  34. From Business Ideas to Success Certification
  35. Front Desk Safety and Security Certification
  36. Gaining Customer Testimonials Certification
  37. GDPR Certification
  38. GDPR in The Workplace Certification
  39. Global Anti-bribery and Corruption Certification
  40. How to Effectively Motivate your Employees Certification
  41. How to Handle Social Media Criticism Certification
  42. Importance of Good Housekeeping at Work Certification
  43. Interior Design Diploma
  44. Key Account Management Certification
  45. LinkedIn for Business Certification
  46. Maintaining Employee Records Certification
  47. Making Meetings Matter Certification
  48. Managing Emotions at Work Certification
  49. Managing People Certification
  50. Managing Your Workload Certification
  51. Master Planning Certification
  52. Motivating Colleagues to Perform Certification
  53. Negotiation Skills Certification
  54. Office Etiquette Certification
  55. Online Reputation Management Certification
  56. Operations Management Certification Level 2
  57. Organising and Chairing Meetings Certification
  58. PCI DSS Certification
  59. PR Certification
  60. Preventing Workplace Discrimination Certification
  61. Professional Retail Management Certification
  62. Project Design Certification
  63. Project Development and Testing Certification
  64. Project Management Foundation (Small Projects) Certification
  65. Project Preparation Certification
  66. Proofreading Basics Certification
  67. Remote Worker & Business Travel Security Certification
  68. Researching Certification
  69. Retaining Your Best People Certification
  70. Sexual Harassment Awareness Certification
  71. Skype for Business Certification
  72. Staff Retention Techniques Certification
  73. Starting an Ecommerce Business Certification
  74. Strategic Planning / Mission Statement Certification
  75. Stress Management In the Workplace Certification
  76. Sustainable Business Certification
  77. Tackling Sensitive Workplace Conversations Certification
  78. Telephone Etiquette Certification
  79. The Freedom of Information Act Certification
  80. The General Data Protection Regulation Certification
  81. The HMT Sanctions List Certification
  82. The Human Element of Fraud Certification
  83. The National Minimum Wage Certification
  84. The Office Layout Certification
  85. The Reception Workstation Certification
  86. Time and Priority Management at Work Certification
  87. Training Delivery and Evaluation Certification
  88. Twitter for Business Certification
  89. UK Employment Law Certification
  90. Unconscious Bias Certification
  91. Visual Merchandising Certification
  92. Wages and Benefits Certification
  93. Working With Aggressive People Certification
  94. Workplace Monitoring and Data Protection Certification
  1. Becoming a Personal Stylist Certification
  2. Hair Diploma and Salon Management Certification
  3. Waxing Certification
Customer Care
  1. Caring for Your Customers’ Needs Certification
  2. Complaints Handling Certification
  3. Consumer Rights Awareness Certification
  4. Customer Care Certification
  5. Customer Retention Certification
  6. Customer Service in Fashion Shops Certification
  7. Customer Services Certification Level 3
  8. Dealing with Customer Complaints Certification
  9. Electronic Customer Service Certification
  10. Face to Face Customer Service Certification
  11. Helpdesk Support Analyst Certification
  12. Is the Customer Always Right Certification
  13. Managing and Improving Customer Service Process Certification
  14. Rescuing Difficult Customers Certification
  15. Telephone Customer Services Certification
  1. Cleaning Certification
  2. Oven Cleaning Certification
  1. Adobe Illustrator Certification Level 1
  2. Blog Creation and Management Certification
  3. C++ Certification Level 1
  4. Coding Foundations Certification
  5. Computer Maintenance Certification
  6. Computers and Internet for Beginners Certification
  7. Create Your Own Website Certification
  8. CSS Certification Level 1
  9. Digital Art Tools for Photoshop Certification
  10. Excel Macros Certification
  11. Google Analytics Certification
  12. How to Earn Online Certification
  13. HTML 5 Certification Level 2
  14. HTML and CSS Certification Level 1
  15. Information Governance Certification
  16. Introduction to AutoCAD Certification
  17. Introduction to AWS Certification
  18. Introduction to Cloud Computing Certification
  19. Introduction to Gaining a Cisco Certification
  20. Introduction to Graphic Design Certification
  21. Introduction to IoT-Internet of Things Certification
  22. Introduction to Link Building for SEO Certification
  23. Introduction to VoIP Certification
  24. IT Certification Level 2
  25. IT Security Certification
  26. jQuery Certification Level 1
  27. Link Building for SEO Certification
  28. Microsoft Excel Certification Level 1
  29. Microsoft Excel Certification Level 2
  30. Microsoft Excel Certification Level 3
  31. Microsoft Mail Merge Certification
  32. Microsoft Outlook Certification Levels 1-3
  33. Microsoft Teams Certification
  34. Microsoft Word Certification Levels 1-3
  35. Mobile and Portable Device Security Certification
  36. Mobile App Marketing (ASO) Certification
  37. Online Security Certification
  38. Photoshop CS6 Certification Level 1
  39. PowerPoint Diploma
  40. Programming Certification Level 1
  41. Python Certification Level 1
  42. Sage 50 Certification Level 1
  43. Sage 50 Certification Level 1-3
  44. Sage 50 Certification Level 2
  45. Sage 50 Certification Level 3
  46. SEO for Business Certification
  47. Software Testing Certification
  48. Vlogging Certification
  49. Web Applications Certification
  50. Website Development Foundations Certification
  51. Zoom Certification
  1. Anti-Bullying and Bullying Prevention Certification
  2. Art Therapy Certification
  3. Basic English Certification
  4. Basic Maths Certification
  5. Become an Online Tutor Certification
  6. Becoming a Higher Level Teaching Assistant Certification
  7. British Sign Language Certification
  8. British Values Certification
  9. Bullying in Schools Awareness and Prevention Certification
  10. Child Attachment Certification
  11. Child Minding Certification
  12. Child Psychology Certification Level 3
  13. English Grammar — Improve Your English Certification
  14. EYFS Teaching Certification Level 3
  15. Home Education Certification
  16. Improving School Attendance Certification
  17. Introduction to Maths Certification
  18. Learning Disabilities Awareness Certification
  19. Lesson Planning for Teachers Certification
  20. Managing Classroom Behaviour Certification
  21. Mindfulness for Children Certification
  22. Mindfulness for Children Training Programme Certification
  23. Nursery Assistant Certification
  24. Play Therapy Certification
  25. Positive Handling in Schools Certification
  26. Prevent Duty Certification
  27. Racism Awareness Certification
  28. Safeguarding Children on the Internet Certification
  29. Safeguarding for Students Certification
  30. Safeguarding for Teachers Certification
  31. Selective Mutism Awareness Certification
  32. SEND Certification
  33. Speech Therapist Introduction Certification
  34. Staying Safe Online Certification
  35. Tackling Hate Crime Certification
  36. Teaching Adults to Read Certification
  37. Teaching Assistant Certification Level 2
  38. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certification
  39. Teaching Phonics Certification
  40. Teaching Phonics Level 2 Certification
  41. The Key Stages of the National Curriculum Certification
  42. What Can You Trust Certification
  1. Face Painting Certification
  2. Kids’ Party Planner Certification
  1. Budgeting Basics Certification
  2. Budgeting Like a Boss Certification
  3. Cash Flow Statements and Logistics Certification
  4. Cryptocurrency Certification
  5. Finance for Non-Finance Managers Certification
  6. Financial Documents 101 Certification
  7. Fraud Detection Certification
  8. Fraud Management & Anti-Money Laundering Awareness Certification Level 2
  9. Fundamental Concepts of Fraud Certification
  10. How to Run an Efficient Payroll Certification
  11. Identity Theft Awareness Certification
  12. Introduction to Accounting Certification
  13. Introduction to Tax Accounting Certification
  14. Investing in Gold and Silver Certification
  15. Payroll – How to Calculate Net and Gross Pay Certification
  16. Payroll Systems – The Basics Certification
  17. Payroll Systems and Management Certification Level 2
  18. Personal Finance Certification
  19. Property Development Certification
  20. Retail Banking Certification
  21. The Cash Flow Statement Certification
  22. The Financial Services and Markets Act Certification
  23. The Proceeds of Crime and Terrorism Acts Certification
  24. Understanding Mortgages and Personal Finance Certification
  25. Understanding the National Insurance Contributions System Certification
  26. Understanding the PAYE System Certification
  27. What is Money Laundering? Certification
  28. When Employees Pay Less than the NIC Certification
  29. Wills and Probate Certification
  30. Xero UK Certification
  1. Diets Explained — Facts, Trends and Myths Certification
  2. Exercising at Home or Outdoors Certification
  3. Finding Motivation to Get Fit and Stay Fit Certification
  4. Fitness Diploma (Personal Trainer / Fitness Instructor)
  5. Healthy Eating at Work Certification
  6. Herbal Health Certification
  7. Holistic Health Certification
  8. How to Improve Your Mental Health Certification
  9. How to Improve Your Physical Health Certification
  10. How to Improve Your Sleep Certification
  11. How to Stop Smoking Certification
  12. Introduction to Sports Nutrition Certification
  13. Marketing Your Fitness Business Certification
  14. Meal Planning Certification
  15. Nutrition and Hydration Certification
  16. Nutrition Diploma
  17. Nutrition for Diabetes Certification
  18. Nutrition for Older Adults Certification
  19. Plant-Based Nutrition Certification
  20. Reducing Stress (Techniques to Relax) Certification
  21. Reducing Stress with Meditation and Visualisation Certification
  22. Sports Science and Therapy Certification
  23. The Benefits of Tai Chi Certification
  24. Training for Sport Certification
Health & Social Care
  1. ADHD Awareness Certification
  2. Advanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Certification
  3. Anxiety Awareness Certification
  4. Assessing Mental Capacity Certification
  5. Blood-borne Pathogens & Exposure Control Plan Certification
  6. Caring for the Elderly Certification
  7. Cerebral Palsy Awareness Certification
  8. Child Neglect Awareness Certification
  9. Child Protection Certification
  10. Child Protection in Sport Certification
  11. Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Certification
  12. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Certification
  13. Dealing with Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Violence in the Workplace Certification
  14. Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Certification
  15. Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Certification
  16. Domiciliary Care Certification
  17. Drug and Alcohol Addiction Awareness Certification
  18. Duty of Care Certification
  19. Dyslexia Awareness Certification
  20. Emergency First Aid in the Workplace Certification
  21. End of Life Care Certification
  22. Health and Social Care Certification Level 3
  23. Infection Control Certification
  24. Introduction to Childcare Certification
  25. Introduction to Educational Psychology Certification
  26. Introduction to Independent Living Certification
  27. Introduction to REBT: Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy Certification
  28. Pain Management Certification
  29. People Handling Certification
  30. PPE Awareness Certification
  31. Preventing Falls in Older People Certification
  32. Privacy and Dignity Certification
  33. Recruiting Staff in the Healthcare Sector Certification
  34. Safe Handling of Medicines Foundation Certification
  35. Safeguarding Adults Certification
  36. Safeguarding Children Certification
  37. Safeguarding Children L4 Including Internet Safety Certification
  38. Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Certification
  39. Self-harm Awareness Certification
  40. Sharps Injuries Awareness Certification
  41. Stroke Awareness Certification
  42. Suicide Prevention Certification
  43. Supporting People with Physical Disabilities Certification
  44. Trauma Awareness Certification
  45. Understanding Autism Certification
  46. Workplace Hygiene Certification
Health & Safety
  1. Alcohol at Work Awareness Certification
  2. Basic Fire Safety Awareness Certification
  3. Cable and Wire Management Awareness Certification
  4. Carbon Monoxide Awareness Certification
  5. Construction Design and Management Certification
  6. COSHH Awareness Certification
  7. Crowd Management Certification
  8. Dangers of Sleep Deprivation Certification
  9. Dangers of Working at Night Certification
  10. Dealing with Workplace Violence Certification
  11. Display Screen Equipment Awareness Certification
  12. Electrical Safety in the Workplace
  13. Ergonomics – Steps to Reduce Workplace Related Injuries Certification
  14. Essential Health and Safety in the Workplace (UK) Certification
  15. Eye Safety in the Workplace Certification
  16. Fire Marshall Certification
  17. Fires and Explosions in the Workplace Certification
  18. First Aid Appointed Person Certification
  19. Food Allergen Awareness Certification
  20. Food Safety Cross Contamination Certificate
  21. Food Safety Level 1 Certificate
  22. Food Safety Level 2 Certificate
  23. Food Safety Level 3 Certificate
  24. Food Safety Level 4 Certificate
  25. HACCP Certification
  26. Hazard Identification and Risk Control Certification
  27. Head Protection Awareness Certification
  28. Health and Safety – We Are All Responsible Certification
  29. Health and Safety Basics and Essentials Certification
  30. Health and Safety for Events Certification
  31. Health and Safety for Homeworkers Certification
  32. Health and Safety in the Workplace (UK) Certification
  33. Health and Wellbeing Certification
  34. Introduction to Asbestos Certification
  35. Introduction to Driver Safety Certification
  36. Introduction to Emergency Procedures in the Workplace Certification
  37. Introduction to RIDDOR Certification
  38. Lockdown Training Certification
  39. Lone Working Awareness Certification
  40. Manual Handling Certification
  41. Manual Handling Interactive Certification
  42. Mental Health In Construction Certification
  43. Mobile Phones and Driving Certification
  44. Noise and Hearing Protection Certification
  45. Noise and Vibration Awareness Certification
  46. Personal Safety Certification
  47. Preventing Slips and Trips in the Workplace Certification
  48. Risk Assessment in the Workplace Certification
  49. Slips, Trips and Falls Certification
  50. Speeding on Site Awareness Certification
  51. Step Ladder Safety Awareness Certification
  52. The Dangers of Construction Dust Certification
  53. The Dangers of Texting While Walking Certification
  54. Understanding Fire Extinguishers Certification
  55. Working at Height Certification
  56. Working in Confined Spaces Certification
  57. Working with Forklift Trucks Certification
Human Resources
  1. Absence Management Certification
  2. Costs and Causes of Employee Turnover Certification
  3. Dealing with HMRC in Relation to New Employees Certification
  4. Defining HR Certification
  5. Developing a Compensation & Benefits Package Certification
  6. Discipline and Grievance Certification
  7. Ensuring Adequate Staff Levels Certification
  8. Equality, Diversity & Discrimination Awareness Certification
  9. Hiring Employees Certification
  10. Hiring for a Diverse Workforce Certification
  11. HR: Creating an Employee Handbook Certification
  12. HR: Protecting Confidentiality Certification
  13. HR: Working with Vendors Certification
  14. Human Capital Management Certification
  15. Human Resources Certification Level 2
  16. Introduction to Contracts Of Employment Certification
  17. Introduction to Criminal Psychology Certification
  18. Introduction to Employment Law Certification
  19. Modern Slavery Awareness Certification
  20. Onboarding Best Practices Certification
  21. Onboarding Tools Certification
  22. Parental Rights Certification
  23. Recruitment Consultant Certification
  24. Recruitment Strategies Certification
  25. Sick Leave Certification
  26. Termination of Employment Certification
Hospitality & Tourism
  1. Applying for Alcohol Licensing Certification
  2. Bartending Certification
  3. Connecting with Customers Certification
  4. Customer Relationship Management Certification
  5. Event Management Logistics and Troubleshooting Certification
  6. Events Management Certification Level 2
  7. Events Management UK Certification
  8. Hotel Management Certification Level 3
  9. Hotel Reception Certification
  10. Hotel Receptionist Administration Certification
  11. How to be a Successful Waiter/Waitress Certification
  12. Identifying and Exceeding Customer Expectations Certification
  13. Introduction to Being a Sommelier Certification
  14. Meeting and Greeting Customers Certification
  15. Nightclub and Bar Security Certification
  16. Restaurant Hospitality Management Certification Level 2
  17. Travel and Tourism Certification Level 2
  18. Working in the Service Industry Certification
Hobbies & Lifestyle
  1. Animal Physiotherapy Certification
  2. Canine Communication Diploma
  3. Cattery Business Certification
  4. Children’s Story Writing Diploma
  5. Crime Writing Diploma
  6. Dog Grooming Diploma
  7. Fitting Room Advice Certification
  8. Floristry Academy Diploma
  9. Garden Design and Maintenance Diploma
  10. International Massage Diploma
  11. Introduction to Animal Care Certification
  12. Introduction to Cat Behaviour Certification
  13. Introduction to Cat Grooming and Health Certification
  14. Introduction to CrossFit Certification
  15. Introduction to Feline Care Certification
  16. Introduction to Feng Shui Certification
  17. Introduction to Kennel and Cattery Management Certification
  18. Introduction to Photography Certification
  19. Introduction to Reptile Care Certification
  20. Makeup Artist Diploma
  21. Nail Technician Diploma Award
  22. Painting and Decorating Certification
  23. Pet First Aid Certification
  24. Pet Psychology Diploma
  25. Rabbit Care Certification
  26. Rat/Mouse/Hamster Care Certification
  27. Script Writing Certification
  28. Selling Your Arts and Crafts Certification
  29. Sound Healing Certification
  30. Stray and Feral Welfare Management Certification
  31. Tarot Card Reading Certification
  32. Travel Writing Certification
  33. Urban Gardening Certification
  34. Writing Skills Certification
  35. Zen Gardening Certification
Medical & Mental Health
  1. Bipolar Awareness Certification
  2. Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Certification
  3. Chinese Medicine Certification
  4. Concussion Awareness Certification
  5. Coronavirus Awareness Certification – Covid – CV19
  6. Counselling Certification
  7. Dementia Awareness Certification
  8. Dental Assistant Certification
  9. Dental Care Certification
  10. Depression Awareness Certification
  11. Diabetes Awareness Certification
  12. Eating Disorder Awareness Certification
  13. Epilepsy Awareness Certification
  14. Female Genital Mutilation, Honour-based Abuse and Forced Marriage Awareness Certification
  15. Introduction to Child Counselling Certification
  16. Introduction to Midwifery Certification
  17. Introduction to Psychology Certification
  18. Legionnaires’ Disease Awareness Certification
  19. Medical Acupuncture Certification
  20. Mental Health Awareness Certification
  21. Mental Health First Aid Certification
  22. Mental Health Training for Teachers Certification
  23. Mental Wellbeing in Children and Young People Certification
  24. Naturopathy Certification
  25. Paediatric First Aid Certification
  26. Pharmacy Assistant Certification
  27. Professional Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Counselling Certification
  28. Professional Relationship Counselling Certification
  29. Sepsis Awareness Certification
  30. Sports Psychology Certification
  31. Stress Management (Employees) Certification
  32. Tackling Obesity Certification
  33. The Complete Menopause Toolkit Certificate
  34. The Self-Care Certification
  35. UTI Sepsis Certification
Personal Development
  1. Advanced English Spelling Certification
  2. Anger Management Certification
  3. Assertiveness Skills Certification
  4. Body Language Certification
  5. Boost Your Concentration Certification
  6. Building Your Confidence and Self-Esteem Certification
  7. Commitment to Consistency Certification
  8. Communication Basics Certification
  9. Decoding Direct/Indirect Messages Certification
  10. Discover Your Creativity Certification
  11. Effective Decision Making Certification
  12. EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique Certification
  13. Emotional Intelligence Certification
  14. Food Psychology for Mind and Body Certification
  15. Grief and Bereavement Counselling Certification
  16. Handling Conflict in High-Value Relationships Certification
  17. Handling Conflict in Low-Value Relationships Certification
  18. Hourly Planning and Habits Certification
  19. How to Build Resilience Certification
  20. How to Programme Your Mind for Success Certification
  21. How to Stop Procrastinating Certification
  22. Identifying Causes of Conflict Certification
  23. Improve Your Assertiveness Certification
  24. Improve Your Social Skills Certification
  25. Improving Personal Effectiveness Certification
  26. Interpersonal Skills Certification
  27. Introduction to Life Hacks Certification
  28. Introduction to The Power of the Mind Certification
  29. Introduction to The Science of Happiness Certification
  30. Kickstart Your Career Certification
  31. Learn Speed Reading Certification
  32. Learning Impressive Telephone Techniques Certification
  33. Learning Strategies Certification
  34. Learning to Learn Certification
  35. Listening Skills Certification
  36. Master Talking to Anyone Certification
  37. Memory Enhancement Certification
  38. Mindful Listening Certificate
  39. Mindful Listening Certification
  40. Mindfulness Certification
  41. Motivation Skills Certification
  42. Myers–Briggs Theory and Test Certification
  43. Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification
  44. Neuroplasticity: Rewire Your Brain for Success Certification
  45. Preparing for an Exam Certification
  46. Problem Solving Certification
  47. Promoting Positive Behaviour Certification
  48. Success Habits Certification
  49. The Art of Persuasion Certification
  50. The Basics of Critical Thinking Certification
  51. The Importance of Ethics Certification
  52. The Science of Happiness Certification
  53. The Secrets of Body Language Certification
  54. Vegan Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle Certification
Professional Development
  1. Boost Your Work Efficiency Certification
  2. Business Administration Certification
  3. Career Planning Certification
  4. Coaching and Mentoring Skills Certification
  5. Confidence On Camera Certification
  6. Dealing with Difficult People and Situations Certification
  7. Developing a Career Strategy Certification
  8. Establishing Credibility as a Speaker Certification
  9. Extremism and Terrorism Awareness Certification
  10. Finding Your Perfect Career For Success and Enjoyment (CareerRadar) Certification
  11. How to Handle Criticism at Work Certification
  12. How to Write Better Emails Certification
  13. Influencing People Certification
  14. Interview Skills and CV Writing Certification
  15. Interviewing Skills Certification
  16. Life Coaching Certification
  17. Note Taking Certification
  18. Practical Leadership Skills Certification
  19. Presentation Skills Certification
  20. Prioritisation Certification
  21. Public Speaking Certification
  22. Punctuation Mastery Certification
  23. Questioning and Listening Techniques Certification
  24. Rational Decision Making Certification
  25. The Care Certificate
  26. Win-Win Negotiations for Conflict Resolution Certification
  1. Achieving Sales on the Telephone Certification
  2. Advertising and Marketing Certification Level 2
  3. Body Language as a Sales Tool Certification
  4. Buying and Selling Online Certification
  5. Closing Techniques Certification
  6. Cold Calling Certification
  7. Content Creation Certification
  8. Converting Leads into Sales Certification
  9. Copywriting Masterclass Certification
  10. Creating a Marketing Plan Certification
  11. Digital Marketing Certification Level 2
  12. Estate Agency – Scottish System Certification
  13. Estate Agency Certification (Level 3)
  14. Evaluating a Marketing Plan Certification
  15. Facebook Advertising Certification
  16. Handling Objections & Overcoming Barriers to Sales Certification
  17. How Retargeting Works Certification
  18. How to Become a Social Media Influencer Certification
  19. How to Close More Sales Certification
  20. Instagram Marketing Certification
  21. Introduction to Google Ads Certification
  22. Introduction to Reddit Marketing Certification
  23. Introduction to Social Media Careers Certification
  24. Key Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing Certification
  25. Make an Impression Every Time Certification
  26. Making Your Sales Pitch Certification
  27. Managing a Sales Team Certification
  28. Marketing Certification Level 2
  29. Marketing Plan Writing Certification
  30. Negotiating and the Concept of the Three Ps Certification
  31. Networking for Sales Professionals Certification
  32. Product Pricing and Sales Negotiation Certification
  33. Reddit Marketing Certification
  34. Retail Analytics Certification
  35. Sales Certification Level 2
  36. Sales Funnels for Beginners Certification
  37. Sales Pitching Certification
  38. Sales Talk – Understanding the Jargon Certification
  39. Sales Tools and Technology Certification
  40. Skills to Succeed at Selling Certification
  41. Social Media for Business Certification
  42. Social Media Marketing Certification
  43. The Four Ps of Marketing Certification
  44. The Power of Influence & Motivating People to Buy Certification
  45. The Purpose of Advertising Certification
  46. Writing Sales Proposals Certification
  47. YouTube Channel Marketing Certification
  48. YouTube Masterclass Certification
Vocational / Hobbies
  1. Balloon Modelling Academy Certification
  2. British Citizenship Certification
  3. Colour Therapy Certification
  4. Crystal Healing Certification
  5. Dog Training: Train Your Dog to Walk on a Treadmill Certification
  6. Full Body Massage Diploma
  7. Horse Care and Stable Management Certification
  8. How To Use Garden Herbs Certification
  9. Pass Your Driving Test – Theory and Practical Preparation Certification
  10. Professional Aromatherapy Certification
  11. Reflexology Certification
  12. Reiki Certification
  13. Selfie Masterclass: How to Take Perfect Selfies Certification
  14. Upper Body Massage Certification
Teams & Management
  1. Communication Techniques for Managers Certification
  2. Conducting Employee Appraisals Certification
  3. Conflict in the Workplace Certification
  4. Construction Management Certification Level 1-3
  5. Constructive Feedback Certification
  6. Designing Effective Teams Certification
  7. Essential Skills for First-Time Managers Certification
  8. Facilities Management Certification Level 2
  9. How to Manage Virtual Teams Certification
  10. Inspirational Leadership Certification
  11. Key Tools and Knowledge for Team Leading Certification
  12. Leading Effective 1-1 Meetings Certification
  13. Leading Team Meetings Certification
  14. Managing Teams Certification
  15. Safer Recruitment Certification
  16. Thomas–Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument Certification
  17. Transport Management Certification Level 2
  18. Warehouse and Transport Management Certification
  19. Warehouse Management Certification Level 2
  20. Working in Teams Certification