1. What is CPD and the benefits of CPD?

✓ CPD – Continuing Professional Development.
✓ Gain new skills
✓ Improve job prospects
✓ Enhance employment opportunities
✓ Improve career satisfaction
✓ Tracks prior learning
✓ Up to date with your job requirements
✓ Enhance your CV
✓ Help lead the way to further education
✓ Dedicates Commitment and value
✓ Preparation for promotion
2. Who has approved our CPD courses?

Our CPD training courses are in line with the relevant UK legislation and recommended practice

• Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
• Care Quality Commission (CQC)
• Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
• National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
• Qualifications and Credits Framework (QCF)
• We offer over 450 online training courses, developed specifically to meet the need of
individuals, in their relevant field

3. How does assessment work?

Once you have completed the learning you will participate in a multiple-choice assessment, a pass
mark of 75% is required. The online test is marked automatically, receiving an instant grade. Don’t
worry if you don’t pass or want to improve your grade, you can retake the test unlimited times at no
extra cost.

4. Who accredited our CPD?

OCE Provides continuing professional development (CPD) interactive accredited training courses
online for both individuals and businesses in a health and social care environment, business,
hospitality, and many others field allowing you to obtain certified CPD hours.

5. How to get the Certificate?

All our courses are accredited by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and are nationally
recognised. Once you have completed your assessment you will be awarded a free accredited
certificate in PDF format which is immediately available. Hard copies of the certificate are available at
an additional fee of £5.99. All evidence of learning and certification will remain on our system for your
future reference.

6. How is the Course Format?

The course is delivered online via our bespoke e-learning portal, complete with both online and
interactive user-friendly training and downloadable documentation to aid your learning. You can
resume or stop your course at any time, remembering the exact point you were at.

7. What is the Course Duration?

This does depend on the credit and level starting from 1 credit 1 hour. You have 12 months to take
the course, however, there is no time limit in which you need to complete the course.
It’s good to know help is at hand.
We take pride in our customer service, offering dedicated support offering you unlimited online email
support whilst studying to help answer any questions you may have.

8. What do I study?

Our courses utilise a responsive design making it available on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile
Device. We recommend using the Google Chrome and Browser.

9. When can I Start?

Start immediately after you purchased online

10. What is the Register and Log in Process?
1- Choose your field and course
2- Add to basket
3- View basket
4- Check the amount
5- Proceed to checkout
6- Input your FULL NAME and Address
7- Input your debit/credit /Amex card number, expiry date and card code
8- Place order
Note: Make sure you type correct email ID and check your email including junk /spam for the
first time.

11. How to I log in?
You will receive an email with link, username and password and you can change your

12. How do I start my course?
Once you logged in Click data protection, terms, and conditions red, read and agreed to

13. Why is our CPD Courses?
• Online Interactive user-friendly course
• Course accredited by qualified professionals
• Immediate certificate with instant download
• 24 hours course access, 365 days of the year
• Multiple choice exam with an 80% pass mark
• Unlimited exam retakes at no extra cost

14. How to get the Certificate?

Certificate : A CPD Accredited Certificate is Instantly Available Upon Completion
Certificate Cost : Free to Download Online as A PDF. Hard copies Sent to Your UK Address For £5.99
(Optional) and International Postal cost is varied depending on the country and service required.
Exam Type : Online Multiple-Choice Assessment
Exam Included : Exam Is Included in The Price
Exam Retakes : Unlimited Retakes at No Extra Cost

15. Does this CPD recognised?
Accreditation : Nationally Recognised CPD Accredited Courses

16. What is the Course duration?
Duration : 1 Credit is 1Hour (Counts Towards CPD Hours)

17. Is there any accesses limitation?
Access : 24/7 Unlimited Accesses For 12 Months

18. What kind of support will I get?

Support : Unlimited Dedicated Online Support via support ticket system , however you can
also email us cpd@oxfordce.co.uk

19. What is E-Learning?
e-Learning courses are designed to be interactive to help learners stayed focused and engaged on the
learning they are faced with. The courses require the learner to perform small actions within the
course, revealing further information, or quiz questions to help them reflect upon previous course
content they have studied.Each of the courses are CPD Accredited and has a Multiple-Choice
Question paper at the end to assess learning.

20. What is the Distance learning?
Distance Learning courses are ordered through the platform and the workbooks are printed and
posted directed to the delivery address provided. The course can be studied at the learner’s leisure,
with various reflective activities through the courses to help them retain their learning. The benefit of
this type of learning is that the learner is able to keep the workbook for future reference.
Each of the courses are CPD Accredited and has a Multiple-Choice Question paper at the end to
assess learning, which is completed online via the Psittacus Platform. Learners will be provided with a
bespoke ‘Activation’ code within their workbook that will provide them with instructions on how to
register and retrieve their final course assessment.

21. What is Video CPD learning?
Video learning is a useful alternative to e-learning as videos can be shown to large groups of people,
which can be very useful in classroom-based learning and work-based courses.
The other advantage of video learning is that for some learners, images can better engage with them;
traditional e-Learning or e-Books can be seen as “boring” for some learners. Video learning can solve
this problem by making learning more fun and easier to retain.
Each of the courses is CPD Accredited and has a Multiple-Choice Question paper at the end to assess

22. What is E-book?
e-Books are electronic versions of Distance Learning Workbooks, usually in PDF form, which can be
read on a computer, a laptop, or a specifically designed handheld device, for example tablets. They
are text-based courses that appeal to learners who prefer to learn through reading. Each of the
courses are CPD Accredited and has a Multiple-Choice Question paper at the end to assess learning.

23. How do I join your GCSE, IGCSE AND A-LEVEL COURSE?
Please visit our main website http://www.oxfordce.co.uk/index.php

24. How do I pay?
You can pay by debit or credit card or you can pay directly from your account online transfer

25. How long are the certificates valid for?
The certificates do not expire however best practice suggests a renewal period of 12 to 36 months
for training. The recommended renewal date of is printed on your certificate. Please check with your
employer or certificate expire date for their best practice and renewal date.

26. What is the care certificate qualification?
The Care Certificate is a set number of standards which have been carefully developed by Skills for
Care, Health Education England and Skills for Health. These standards, in the form of The Care
Certificate, should make up part of the induction training when training new care workers, as these
are what health workers, and social care workers, have to adhere to as part of their employment
position. The Care Certificate provides a framework to ensure that all support workers have
the same introductory skills, knowledge and behaviours to provide compassionate, safe and
high-quality care, in their workplace settings.
Each standard is underpinned by full learning outcomes
Understand your role
Your personal development
Duty of care
Equality and diversity
Work in a person-centred way

Privacy and dignity
Fluids and nutrition
Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disability
Safeguarding adults
Safeguarding children
Basic life support
Health and safety
Handling information
Infection prevention and control.

Contact us:
Email: cpd@oxfordce.co.uk , admissions@oxfordce.co.uk
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Website: https://cpd.oxfordce.co.uk/ or http://www.oxfordce.co.uk/index.php
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